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SLA Membership
The Shenipsit Lake Association ("SLA") is a not-for-profit organization that has been in existence since 1990. The SLA was established to help keep Shenipsit Lake open and available for all people to enjoy, organize wholesome family-fun events, and monitor and patrol the borders of the Lake to keep it safe, clean and accessible to everyone.

The SLA sponsors several programs which include:
  • Fishing from Shore and Boats - Shenipsit Lake offers some of the best bass and trout fishing in the State (shhh... don't tell anyone). Stocked with rainbow trout in the spring, the fish thrive in this clear, clean lake.The Boat program was established so that registered boat owners ("boat owners" applies to all residents of the State of Connecticut who have complied with the rules and regulations set forth in this website) can leave their boats at the facility and enjoy the open water of the Lake. Click here to learn about the Rules and Regulations for fishing and boating in Shenipsit Lake. The SLA helps to keep these areas clean, safe and usable for everyone.

  • Hiking - Shenipsit Lake has five and a half miles of hiking trails that surround it. The trails are open to hikers of all classifications and progress through some of the most beautiful woods and lake scenery in New England. Mostly flat, the trail is well maintained and easily accessible from Route 74 and Shenipsit Lake Road (see the Map for entry points).

  • Fishing Derbies - For many of us, fishing is an activity we've enjoyed since childhood. It brings parents closer to their children and all closer to nature. The SLA runs several Fishing Derbies each year for kids to learn to enjoy this fun and safe sport. Through continued membership, you will be able to help kids have one of the best experiences of their lives! Click here to learn more about SLA Fishing Derbies.

These programs are open to all people of all towns and states. If you have any questions about our programs, please contact us at info@shenipsitlake.org.