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Shenipsit Lake Reservoir Recreation Program to Open for 2021 Season

Registration for Boat Storage Slots Open Online on Sunday, March 28 at 6pm

Tolland, CONN., March 23, 2021 – The Connecticut Water Company (CWC), the Shenipsit Lake Association (SLA) and the towns of Ellington, Tolland and Vernon are pleased to announce that the 2021 Shenipsit Lake Reservoir recreation program will open at sunrise on Saturday, April 10th for the 2021 season.

Recreation is allowed under a permit to CWC from the Department of Public Health which provides for approved recreational opportunities with measures to protect the public drinking water source.

Shenipsit Lake Reservoir is a public drinking water supply and there are special precautions in place to ensure the continuous protection and quality of the water supply source.

The 2021 program features fishing from designated shoreline areas, fishing from boats registered and stored at the boat storage area, and hiking. Fishing from boats is available to property owners along the shoreline of the Lake Shenipsit Reservoir, and from those who have boats stored at the boat storage area. There are 42 slots in the boat storage area that will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis through an online registration process.

“We are pleased that the 2021 Shenipsit Lake Reservoir recreation program will have all the recreational opportunities that have made it such as a success for more than 25 years, including fishing from boats launched from the boat storage area,” stated Maureen P. Westbrook, president of Connecticut Water. She further stated, “While it was necessary to modify the program last year due to COVID-19, the Company is honoring its commitment to resume the full recreational activities this year, with appropriate measures in place to protect the health and safety of employees and the public.”

Participants will be expected to wear masks when near others and to maintain appropriate social distancing during the registration and launching of boats from the boat storage area. Those who wish to have their boat at the boat storage area on Ellington Road in Tolland will need to register their boats through an online process. No paper registration forms will be accepted. The registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis beginning Sunday, March 28th at 6 pm. The link for boat registration is: www.ctwater.com/shenipsitlake.

The initial registration will close at midnight on March 31st and the 42 slots will be assigned. All registrants will be notified of the status of their registration request on April 1st and further instructions will be provided for those who received a boat slot. People are encouraged to continue to apply online as a waiting list will be maintained for those who do not initially receive a slip if openings become available. Those receiving a boat slip will have an opportunity to deliver their boat to their slip beginning Saturday, April 3.

The new registration process will provide an equal opportunity for residents of the three communities of Ellington, Tolland and Vernon with 30 boat slots designated for the residents of those towns. In addition, there are an additional 12 slots available to those living both in and beyond Shenipsit Lake border towns.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing the Shenipsit Lake Recreation Program return fully with hiking, fishing from shore and fishing from boats for the 2021 season. By simply following some COVID safety procedures, people should be able to enjoy our natural resource for years to come,” stated Gary Hyjek, president of the Shenipsit Lake Association.

Daniel Champagne, Mayor of Vernon and State Senator of the 35th district stated, “We are pleased that this valuable resource will be open for hiking and fishing, as well as fishing from boats in 2021. We are also pleased that preference for boat storage slots is being given to residents of the three communities that surround the lake.”

Lori Spielman, First Selectwoman of Ellington stated, “Outdoor recreation is vital to residents and our community. It is one of the many reasons that this is a great place to live and work. I encourage residents of Ellington and nearby communities to take advantage of this natural gem. Fishing and hiking for young and old alike help us manage the stress in our daily lives.”

Tolland Town Manager Michael Rosen indicated that he “appreciated that Connecticut Water is striving to offer all of the recreational activities that have historically been available through the Shenipsit Lake Reservoir recreation program this year to residents of Tolland and nearby communities.”

Additional information on the recreation program is available at www.ctwater.com/shenipsitlake.

Questions on the recreation program can be emailed to Shenipsitlake@ctwater.com.

Daniel J. Meaney, APR
Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications
Connecticut Water Company