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Opening day is now April 9th! Clean up will be April, Sunday the 3rd @ 10:00am.

CHANGE OF VENUE: Sunday April 3rd @ 9:00 am

Ok, I am going to need everyone’s attention, please read carefully. Traditionally every year we all gather to line up at the boat house on Tuesday the second week in April so we can obtain our boating slip. As of April 2016 this is NO longer the process. In an effort to eliminate any potential hazards due to the line of cars participating that particular morning, we have now moved the boat entry process to the Vernon commuter parking lot, Reservoir Rd. directly off of route 84, exit 67. Cars can line up on the east bound side on Reservoir Rd but please do not block the entrance. Boat slips will be issued April 3rd at 9:00am, please do NOT bring your boats. It’s important that I mention that there are several rules that we must follow:
  • If you are participating in the boating program you are not allowed to enter the commuter parking lot until 9:00, one of the monitors will be posted at the entrance.
  • There is NO camping out at the commuter parking lot.
  • There is NO grilling or Alcoholic beverages.
Once everyone has received their boating slip each participant at their leisure will have from April 4th through April 6th to bring their boat/canoe to the boathouse for storage. There is a 2 day quarantine period before any boat/canoe can be used at the lake. Any boat/canoe entered after Wednesday April 6th will not be allowed to fish opening day. A monitor will be at the boathouse starting April the 4th from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Immediately following boat sign in everyone will be invited back to the boathouse for our annual clean up, coffee and donuts will be provided. It’s always a great time albeit a bit frustrating since we can’t fish. Please come show your support and lend a hand!

Letter From The President

It’s that time of year again-welcome to the 2016 fishing season! Based on the unusual weather thus far it appears that we will actually be able to fish opening day, what a difference 1 year makes! Before we get into some of the changes taking place this year I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim DeLisle for 8 years of service as the Vice President of the association. Jim and I met Opening Day at 4:00am while waiting in line for a boat slip. After a short conversation we both realized that not only were we neighbors, but we also attended the same college at the same time. Due to that experience we have now built a lifelong friendship. This is truly another example of what it means to be part of the fishing community at Shenipsit Lake. I would now like to introduce our new Vice President of the Shenipsit Lake Association, Mr. Gary Hyjek. For those of you that know Gary please make sure you congratulate him when you see him.

Thank you and I wish you tight lines in 2016!

Shawn LaForest, SLA President